Sunday, February 21, 2010

booby trapped country

Anybody considers that the Bush administration handed Obama a boodytrapped country. The TARP program started by Bush and handed over to Obama, seems (according with this week podcast) to have:

1) Divert resources to bank while creating a huge "loss opportunity" to invigorate an economy that was on shambles; so no only their stuck with a bad economy but they can not implement their agenda

2) TARP becomes universally unpopular thus, guranteeing the return to power of the Republican

3) Along the way you let the financial sector knows that the Republican have their back, thus insuring full coffers for the next election cycle.

Brilliant, just brilliant, I don't think they planned that way but it's working that way.

Remember that the bills "conceived" and implemented by Obama (Recovery act) actually are working in a positive way for the economy, but the blowback of TARP overwhelming any good effect.

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